Legal Help Available for Boys Who Have Developed Gynecomastia as a Result of Risperdal

Risperdal-639-x-426-300x200When your doctor prescribes a drug, you expect it to lead to an overall improvement in your health. You don’t expect it to trigger potentially embarrassing changes in your body, yet that’s exactly what happened to many of the young men who have been prescribed Risperdal to help them control the symptoms of bipolar disorder, irritability, and schizophrenia.

While Riperdal has been a very effective treatment for some cognitive disorders, it also creates an increased level of prolactin, a hormone responsible for the development of breast in growing women. There have been many cases of boys who have taken Riperdal developing a medical condition referred to as gynecomastia, which is the development of male breasts. In some cases, the boys have experienced both nipple discharge and sensitivity.

The development of male breasts is just one of the things that concerns both the parents and the patients who have been taking Risperdal. There is also concern about the fact that very little is known about what the possible long term effects of taking the drug will be for the children and adolescents who currently use the drugs to help control cognitive disorders.

Risperdal-Gynecomastia-side-effect-lawsuit-2Recent reports indicate that at least 130 lawsuits have been filed against Johnson & Johnson, the company that manufactures Risperdal. One of the plaintiffs in a current Risperdal lawsuit stated that he used the prescription drug for five years, starting when he was just nine years old. As a result of the drug, he developed gynecomastia which led to deep psychological trauma and he was eventually forced to undergo breast reduction surgery. When that particular case went to trial in 2012, Johnson and Johnson offered the plaintiff a settlement after just one day in court. The exact amount of the settlement was never disclosed to the public.

Experts agree that given the age and mental state of boys who develop gynecomastia as a result of Risperdal use would most likely be quite severe and the best way to minimize the long term effects is through breast reduction surgery which results in the removal of the breast tissue. In some cases, the boys were able to use mild liposuction to remove the tissue, while other required a complete mastectomy.

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Johnson & Johnson's schizophrenia drug Risperdal is arranged

If you or your son developed gynecomastia as a result of Risperdal use, you’re legally entitled to file a Risperdal lawsuit that could result in a settlement that would not only cover the related medical expenses, but also provide you with financial restitution for your pain and suffering and emotional distress. Rather than navigate the complicated nature of a Risperdal lawsuit on your own, you should seek experienced legal assistance. A good attorney will not only explain all of your legal options, but will also streamline the Risperdal lawsuit for you.

The sooner you contact a good attorney and provide them with the details of your case, the sooner you will be able to put the entire matter behind you and enjoy the future.