Improper Care Named in Case State Against Nassau County Jail Health Provider

The South Carolina based Armor Correctional Health Services, the organization responsible for providing services to Nassau County Correctional Facility, finds itself in hot water after it was charge with a failure to provide the proper medical care to inmates. The matter was brought to New York’s State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, after 12 different inmates died of medical reasons since Armor Correctional was contracted in 2011. The Attorney General wasted no time filing a legal lawsuit against the company.


The lawsuit states that the company was slow to respond to medical concerns and needs, was perpetually understaffed, and was inconsistent about providing adequate and reliable medical treatments.

“Prison inmates rely on companies providing health services for a wide range of medical issues, many of which have gone untreated,” Schneiderman told members of the press. “Those struggling with chronic diseases, mental health and substance-abuse problems deserve comprehensive, reliable and high-quality medical care.”

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAN1AAAAJDM3ZTIzYzk1LTI1NzgtNGUyMS1iM2VkLWIzYjU5YWFmMGJlMQDespite the lawsuit, Armor Correctional Health Services $11 million contract is still in effect, however the county is exploring new options and is seeking proposals from other health services. Meanwhile, Armor Correctional Health Services behavior and the way they provide medical care to inmates is being scrutinized.

“Since the issue was first raised, the County has been working with the Attorney General’s office to review Armor health care operations at the correctional facility,” Nassau County Attorney Carnell Foskey wrote in an email about Armor Correctional Health Services. “While awaiting findings of the Attorney General, the County formed a team of health and mental health professionals to review the delivery of health care.”

The county is currently working on obtaining the services of an independent correctional health monitor that will be responsible for watching over Armor Correctional Health Services while they’re still tasked with caring for inmates.

According to Armor Correctional Health Services, Schneiderman was invited to the facility in order to see the way they operated during the time he was conducting an investigation on the health care they provided to the inmates but the invitation was refused. Do to prison headquarters and administration some rights of inmates are reduced to a minimum. “This kind of behavior must be stopped!” says WHO and human rights associations.

Armor Correctional Health Services is responsible for more than just the inmates in Nassau County. They have contracts with several different prisons throughout the country, including South Carolina. They estimate that they’re responsible for the health of 40,000 inmates. Court evidence indicates that Armor Correctional Health Services is no stranger to the civil court system. They’ve been named as the defendants in several wrongful death and medical negligence cases. According to the company, in 99% of these cases, they’ve settled out of court.

“It’s important to remember that inmates are humans, and are entitled to proper health care. We also must remember that they are also loved very important members of their families,” Joe and Martin managing partners of a top personal injury at issued this statement about the case: “While we don’t yet know what the details surrounding the 12 inmate deaths that peaked Schneiderman’s interest and convinced him to launch an investigation, We strongly urge the family members of those late inmate to seek legal counsel. It sounds like they have the grounds for a wrongful death case.”